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Neural Prolotherapy: a new and safe treatment for musculoskeletal pain

Neural Prolotherapy (NPT) is a relatively new injection therapy aimed at treating neuropathic pain, a major component of chronic pain and musculoskeletal injuries. Neural Prolotherapy is the injection of…

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Life long endurance running slows down skin and tendon ageing

  What are the findings? This study reports the first data to demonstrate that life-long regular running in male master athletes results in adaptations of tendon that occurs at…

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Endurance running is good for your skin but does not prevent ageing of blood vessels

  Background Life-long regular endurance exercise yields positive effects on cardiovascular and metabolic function, disease and mortality rate. Glycation may be a major mechanism behind age-related diseases. However, it…

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Illness prevention programs may contribute to success at the Olympic Games

  What are the findings? Female sex, low energy availability, hygiene practices and mental health are associated with sports incapacity (time loss) due to illness in athletes preparing for…

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