Musculoskeletal Injuries & Concussion
Dr. Stephan Praet

If you have encountered an injury or concussion over the weekend, you can request and book in an urgent appointment on Monday afternoon or Wednesday morning through our reception to assess your injury and organize medical imaging if needed.

For sub acute or more chronic injuries you are kindly advised to book in at any other available time through the Ochre Health or UPANDRUNNING website or by calling our friendly receptionists.

Ochre Health in Bruce, ACT can be contacted on +61 (0)2 6180 8500. UPANDRUNNING in Dubai can be contacted directly on +971 4 518 5400.  

Please bring along any referral letter from your GP, specialist doctor, physiotherapist or allied health professional. For lower limb injuries you are kindly advised to bring your walking or sports shoes along as well.

Sports Concussion is a serious functional brain injury that is difficult to recognise as it is rare to lose consciousness. Concussion can happen in any sport, not just rugby. It can happen in the play ground. A sport & exercise physician can provide an accurate diagnosis, computerised testing and guide return to school and then exercise.

Generally, for an initial consultation you will be given a 30-40 minute appointment and for a review consultation you will be given a 15-20 minute appointment.

Unfortunately there are no bulk-billing rates in Australia for sport & exercise medicine services as rates are still higher than the Medicare rebate, so gap fees will apply. As I am working outside of a hospital, private health insurance are not allowed to cover doctors’ fees in Australia.

The Australian Federal government sets the Medicare rebates for different types of doctors. Medicare rates for sport and exercise physicians are substantially lower than most other physicians, and in fact are significantly lower than General Practitioner rebates. The Australian Federal government chose to drop sports physician consultation rebates substantially in November 2010 without any explanation. Please read the Sydney Morning Herald article by Roy Masters "Medicare rebate cut adds insult to injury" for more information.

There is an extra charge for injections, but when done under ultrasound with a doctor’s referral asking for an ultrasound-guided injection, there will be an additional Medicare rebate. The cost of substances to be injected will be included in the injection fee on most occasions (cortisone, glucose, polidocanol). Hyaluronan gel or equivalent injections need to be supplied by the patient as these are quite expensive.

Patients attending the UPANDRUNNING Sports Medical Center in Dubai are advised to read the following insurance information.